Embrace Change


Are you afraid of Change? The definition of change is to make or become different.   Another acceptable definition is to take or use another instead of.   Why are we afraid to make or become different?  Why does fear set whenever there is a need to make a decision to make changes from one thing to another or to move from one place to another?  Change jobs, make a decision to change a behavior, or simply just take time away from everything and everyone else to focus on “yourself.”

Adapting to any kind of change in your life can be very stressful. But it does not have to be. I believe that we deal with change in a negative way because of fear.  Fear of the unknown.  If I do this? Then what?  If I move, how will I manage? If I leave this toxic relationship, will I find someone else?  We tend to focus mainly on what if’s and not on what is.

Change is one thing in this life that is constant. Change is inevitable.  In my opinion, change is always for the better. I had a client who was working at a job for 10 years. The job became more of a habit for him than a liking.  He was afraid to embark on a new journey because most of his family worked the same jobs doing the same things for 15 or more years.  Despite his daily frustrations with the redundant tasks that had to perform and no longer seeing his job as a challenge to help him improve the skills that he had mastered, he was afraid of making a change.   He was afraid of what others might say.  In working at this job he had become so skilled in his work that he could become a manager at another company or even open his own company.  He complained everyday about no longer being happy with his job. I helped him realize that remaining at this job would not only be a disservice to himself, due to the uneasiness and stress that it was causing, but that he would have to make a decision so that the job would not continue to have the negative impact it was having on his life and how the affects is was having on his family.

We must learn to embrace change. Any change comes with setbacks and creates an uncomfortable environment, but I strongly believe that it is only temporary.  Change creates growth, growth is always for the better.

Being resistant to change comes with a price, your unhappiness. If you don’t like something change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude about it.  Don’t ever be afraid to change something good for better.  When you change your mind, you create opportunities to change your life.  Do not allow yourself to be imprisoned by FEAR.  Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.  Remember, if you cannot change your mind, you cannot change anything.

Self Time

Self Time

How often do you take time for yourself? How often do you take the time to self-reflect? I don’t mean going to get your hair or nails done. I don’t mean going shopping etc.  I mean taking time to self-reflect. Learning who you are and what changes you can make to improve your quality of life.

I know this may sound crazy, but try sitting in your bed room for 5 minutes without doing anything. No electronic devices, no television, no music etc.  Just sit there.  While sitting there, close your eyes, breathe in slowly through your nose, hold it for 5 seconds and exhale slowly through your mouth. Do this at least five times and just sit there with your eyes closed.  You will be amazed how you feel.  The breathing exercise alone improves overall health and lowers the risk of dis-ease and illness to your body.

During the breathing process your body is being cleansed from toxins. Your vital channels of energy are being rejuvenated.  Your mind and nervous systems is calmed, which triggers deep relaxation.  The intake of oxygen helps to nourish the body and the brain.  The holding of breathe between inhales and exhales helps to regulate and direct the flow of breathe in the body.

Deep breathing helps to balance the left and right hemisphere of the brain which helps with creative and linear thinking (problem solving). It helps regulate the heating and cooling cycles of the body.  It helps with headaches and calms anxiety and tense mental states.  I can go on and on.

Yes, in five minutes of taking time for yourself, you can also provide wonderful benefits to your entire mind, body, and soul. So why not?

When you gift yourself with five minutes you will begin to open up and discover a whole new you that you were not truly aware of. Little by little add time to your “Self-Time” so that you can eventually spend 20-30 minutes for yourself. Just as a side not, have a journal and a pen next to you.  Your brain power will begin to explode and the ideas, thoughts, and solutions you were seeking will begin to emerge.  So you can write them down.

There is no one more valuable than you. No one will give you time, so make time for yourself.

Peace and Love……