Thoughts Create Vibrations


There is One Great Law that governs the Universe.  Its manifestations are multiform, but it is a wonderful law. We are familiar with some of its manifestations, but are almost totally ignorant of certain others. Still many strive to learn more and more about this law daily-the veil is being lifted.

We mostly here talk of The Law of Gravitation, but the equally wonderful manifestation, THE LAW OF ATTRACTION and it’s affects IN THE THOUGHT WORLD is ignored.

The wonderful manifestation of Law draws and holds together the atoms of which matter is composed – we recognize the power of the law that attracts bodies to the earth, that holds the circling worlds in their places, but we close our eyes to the mighty law that draws to us the things we desire or fear, that create the reality of our lives.

Thought is a force – a manifestation of energy – having a magnet-like power of attraction.

When you understand this, you begin to understand the whys of many things that have appeared dark to you.  As appearance is an illusion.   There is no study that will greatly repay the student for his/her time and efforts to gain insight and understanding of the workings of this immense law of Thought – the Law of Attraction.

When we think, we send out vibrations of a fine ethereal substance.  These substances are as real as the vibrations manifesting light, heat, electricity, and magnetism. Although these vibrations are not evident to our five senses, it is not proof that they do not exist.

A powerful magnet will send out vibrations and exert a force sufficient to attract to itself a piece of steel weighing a hundred pounds, but we can neither see, taste, smell, hear nor feel the mighty force.

These thought vibrations, likewise, cannot be seen, tasted, smelled, heard nor felt in the ordinary way.   It is true that there are record cases of people who are unusually sensitive to psychic abilities who have perceived powerful thought-waves.  Many of us can testify that we have distinctly felt the thought vibrations of others, both with in the presence of the sender or at a distance. Telepathy and its kindred phenomena are not idle dreams.

Light and heat are manifested by vibrations of a far lower intensity than those of thought, but the difference is solely in the rate of vibration. The annals of science throw an interesting light upon this question. Prof. Elisha Gray, an eminent scientist, says in his little book, “The Miracles of Nature”:

“There is much food for speculation in the thought that there exist sound-waves that no human ear can hear, and color-waves of light that no eye can see. The long, dark, soundless space between 40,000 and 400,000,000,000,000 vibrations per second, and the infinity of range beyond 700,000,000,000,000 vibrations per second, where light ceases, in the universe of motion, makes it possible to indulge in speculation.”

I merely give you this information as food for thought and to demonstrate to you that thought vibrations exists and with some reflection, you will recognize how it coincides with your own experience.

Peace, Love, Light