Annide Inspires focuses on spiritual guidance to achieve Goal Clarity, Balance, and Healthy Relationships.  The process starts from with-in, accepting, understanding, and loving the “Self.” Barriers that inhibit happiness and success can only be removed by love and an innerstanding of “You.”

The journey to innerstanding the “Self” is one in which requires patience.  One must unlearn what was previously taught and realize that what was perceived as truth is actually a lie.  What is truth?  Truth is objective, as it is based on human perception, an Illusion. As for Truth, Truth is only available to those that have the courage to question what they have been taught.

We all have a decision to make.  I used to stress over what may transpire tomorrow,  in three months, or six months time. Will either this or that happen? In the event that it does how might I have the capacity to adapt? I was obviously agonizing over circumstances of things that had not happened or might not never happen. This, I have now acknowledged is pointless and even senseless. I made the decision to live life in the present not contemplating on the future. I ought to give myself the opportunity to indulge in the beauty of today as much as possible, today.  I should engage in tomorrow, tomorrow. I will manage any issues that come my way in the most ideal way that I can when they happen, that is everything I can do. Adding stress to my life by thinking about situations that may or may not arise only prevents me from enjoying the fullness and deliciousness of life for that specific day and time.

Most people seeking to make changes have questions.  What should I do? How do I know? These answers are never forthcoming. We cannot see into the future. In what direction do I go? Will the direction that I chose be okay?

These questions arise when we have lost touch with our self and any sense of passion and purpose and have no idea how to access this information. The blueprint for this information lies within our core self, our essence, the true “Self” that is often buried during our early years. Our true self was not seen and as I am discovering is the norm as I engage with client after client. It is generally our wounded self, our ego, the self we created to get love and avoid pain. Our wounded self has within it all of our fears and false beliefs and does not have access to what is true for us.

So, where do we start?  How do we discover this Inner-Standing of the Self? The good news is that while it is buried, it is not lost. Anyone can reclaim this Peace and Harmony if you are willing to do the inner work of healing your wounded self.

Your soul has a deep desire for you to express yourself in ways that brings you joy. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

Now is the time to get rid yourself of anxiety, stress, depression, fear, and being unhappy! Climb aboard the ship of Inner-Standing to begin the journey of Peace, Love, Happiness, and Success!!!

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