Exit the Prison

Exit the Prison

Imagine a person in a prison. He or she is in prison for life and is waiting for their death.

What can possibly motivate such a person? What does this person have to look forward to in their life?

Sometimes, we are as much prisoners, but prisoners of our thoughts and past deeds. We also have nothing else to look forward to. We only have regrets, resentment, and bitterness. Fortunately, we have an opportunity unlike the prisoner to make changes to our conditions.  With all the depressing and stressful moments that we face, how does one find inspiration when facing conditions such as these?

Turn to Inspiration…..

‘Inspiration’ is defined as a state of mind that propels us to mentally work happily to achieve goals, especially creative goals that allows us to feel good about ourselves.

Exit the prison….

When we are feeling depressed and hopeless, it is difficult for the mind to have thoughts of setting goals. Inspiration is floating everywhere in our surroundings, but it is difficult to identify or connect with it because we feel that nothing can be done. But when we get tired, I mean sick and tired, we begin to seek inspiration to help reemerge positive thoughts, creative ideas, and obtain motivation to set goals.

We begin to seek stories of people who had nothing and turned it into something. We listen to stories about Hellen Keller who overcame many difficulties but yet defeated her adversities. We begin to build confidence when we here about men and women born without limbs that inspire others because they believe that they can do anything and everything because they view themselves as having no limitations. You have taken the first step to exit the prison.

It is at this point that we have insight to the realization that things are really not so bad. This thought begins to bring about other positive thoughts and before you know it you begin to rise.  A slow rise, but with an eagerness. Thoughts of childhood memories and dreams resurface.  Feel good moments imbedded in our subconscious minds helps us to relive the wonderful feelings that were felt during those instances. The second step of exiting the prison has now been taken.

You become inspired. You remember that you were born a creative powerhouse. The child that finished his or her math quiz first. The preteen who won the 4th grade spelling bee.  The teenager who came in first place during the relay race.  Slowly but surely, you take one step at a time.  You are now able to see the light at the top of the stairs.  You are almost there.

Now analyze yourself. Do you have a functioning kidney? Can you see? Can you hear? Can you smell? Are your hands ok? Do have two feet? Will you sell your eyes for any price? No! Who said that you have no money? You are a wealthy person who is unaware of your wealth, Isn’t it?  You are close to your exit.

Now the last step is to think of the goals you want to accomplish. Believe that you can achieve those goals. Start planning. Use your creativity. Think of concepts and ideas. Talk to people. Be ready for a long struggle but with a firm resolve that you will win. At this point, you will exit the prison of your limited thinking and you are now a new person ready to stand in the light to observe the view that has been waiting for you. You are ready to fly.

Get ready for takeoff!! You are a winner in the making!