Effects of Stress

The Effects of Stress

STRESS, STRESS, STRESS!!! You’ve heard the word a million times. We all know it exist and we deal with it every single day of our lives.  But do you know how stress can affect you.  Did you know that stress will change who you are, what you think, and how you feel?

We all cope with stress in different ways. Many people tend to ignore it. When you ignore stress it can lead to serious physical and mental health problems. Whichever way you choose to deal with stress the fact remains the same, stress does affect you and shouldn’t be ignored.

Choosing to ignore stress puts the body in a state of “dis-ease” and “overload.” It is extremely unhealthy to ignore and let it linger.  When your body functions in a continuous cycle of stress it begins to feed off of your internal organs. As mentioned before, holding on to things that are bothering you could lead to serious health risks. Most of us like to think we’re strong and can handle anything placed before us.

There are no prizes given out for a lifestyle full of hiding and holding on to grudges, anger, bitterness, and guilt. None of these things will matter when stress becomes too overwhelming and explodes into rage.  If you don’t take steps to deplete the stressors that you face, you can’t think as clearly and make mindful decisions that are beneficial.  By the way, why do you want to abuse the energetic and amazing body that were born blessed with?

When the body and mind have been filled with pain and aggravation, it begins to weaken. The signs may not be apparent at first, but the effects of the weakening process will change who you are and why you exist. The physical health of your body will begin to decline and exhibit significant health risks such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and gastric problems. It can also lead to weight gain, premature again and simply feeling more aches and pains.

Stress is a capable killer. It needs to be taken seriously by everyone – no exceptions.  In an article published by WebMD, 75%-90% of doctor visits are stress related ailments.

You cannot run from stress. Stress can and will catch up to us no matter where you flee to or where you attempt to hide. Instead, you must face the challenge head on. You cannot let stress beat you down to the state of being unrecognized and lost.

At this stage you are irritable, agitated, exhausted, hopeless, defiant, submissive, and antisocial. You stop exploring the joys of life and instead dwell on the evils. You lose all concentration and enter into denial. You stop communicating with the outside world. You give up on hope and latch on to despair. You become a lost soul.

Learn to manage your stress in a positive way. Learn to cope with it effectively and to channel it. You don’t have to let the little things wear you down. Thrive to have bigger things fall into your lap.

Take the time to think about the situations confronting you. Then decide on how you can use it to move forward. Harness the energy normally wasted on stress and use it to fuel your ambitions. Don’t be afraid of stress. Instead let it affect you in a positive way.


Stress affects each person in different ways. It doesn’t have to alter your personality. It doesn’t have to be a demon. It does not have to cause chaos in your life or those you love. Learn to manage your stress, avoid costly hospital visits, and be the winner in stressful situations.

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