Love and Light for My Readers


To all my readers.  This post is to acknowledge the many comments left on the site while I was on hiatus learning and acquiring insight through life experiences. Something that we all should do occasionally.  Always take time for yourself in everything you do.  Besides, why not take your time, what is the rush.  You need time to yourself to dissect each new founded experience to help you develop “You.”  The only person that can help you develop you, is you.  It’s perfectly ok to turn off your cell phone, not respond to text or emails when you need time for yourself.  Time to reflect, time to add more pieces of the puzzle together, time to use newly learned information to transform to your greatest self so that you can help others transform to their greatest self.

Never perceive any experience in your life as negative as each experience has lessons to use as stepping stones for building, learning, empowering, and acquiring wisdom for your life’s journey.  Despite the hardships, difficulties, and challenges that you face with each experience, let those experiences open your eyes, mind, and soul to new perceptions, ideologies, and opportunities for your personal growth and self-awareness.

You! Yes You! No matter where you are or what is going on in your life right now, you have the power and the ability to help someone else transform their life.  Never forget that.  The power lies within you.  No one else.  Guidance may be needed but the power lies within.

Please look forward to more post about astrology and other helpful topics that may spark an interest for your mind, body, and soul to help you develop into your greatest self.

Once again thank you for the positive comments that have been left on the site and I ask that you continue to visit, read, and share.

Love and Light

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